Changes - in life

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Changes - in life

Postby Captain Sisko » Sun May 21, 2017 1:55 pm

I had a feeling 2017 was going to bring changes to be fair I have been a little lackadaisical or falling into a a rut/flat spot again this year until something just immediately popped up!!
Just so I'm not talking whimsical nonsense go grab a cuppa and have a read

Since Dec 2014 I have been running a Newsagents taking over from my mates father (who is best friends with my dad after driving buses together in the 80's)
It's been fun and allowed me to learn other things in the quiet bits like dogsitting little Kenny who is now a 4 year old Akita (you might have seen pics on FB/IG)
2016 was a bit of a shit year in general lack of a social scene, car sharing and a woman politely declining my advances by saying I was a bestie.
So what of 2017 so far?
Shop trade is covering the bills and perhaps I wasn't using all my time very constructively!!

And now there just seems to be major changes taking place all round the same time!
End of April marked the end of the Fiesta......Now I have a Focus
I've been chatting to a nice lady who is now my guest at my sisters wedding in June
And now my uncle has said a position has opened up at a shopfitters/refrigeration firm he has been at for the last 2 years - which means the end of the shop as no-one is there to take over.

Part of me is thinking would a bit more effort and investment turn a flagging shop round to be more profitable?
Yet another part is thinking get out now, go face a new challenge to make changes in other parts of your life and get more social.

Bit of a long blog type post!! I need to update mine!
Are any of you guys also facing changes in aspects of your lives?

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Re: Changes - in life

Postby doogle » Mon May 22, 2017 10:18 am

That sounds like you've got some thinking to do with regards to your jobs there. I find changing jobs a scary thing, but it could be good to have a change too.
Being the only person working in the shop though, would you have to sell the business if you were to go work with your uncle or would it just close down?
Making more of an investment in the shop would be hard work, but it could pay off in the long run.
Good luck with whichever direction you choose though.

I've had a few changes recently.
Last year I finally got rid of my old Zafira and bought a beautiful Octavia with one of those panoramic sunroofs that opens all the way. This was bought especially for a trip to France with my girlfriend so we could get there in comfort and a lot cheaper than driving in the Zafira which was starting to look shabby. It was the best holiday since I went to Singapore for my friend's cancelled wedding :)
A couple of months after getting home I split up with my girlfriend, it was mutual and we're both still good friends, which is a good thing seeing as we work with each other still.
I've recently started a new job in a different area than I've ever worked before. I've been in tech support all my working life, now I'm training up to be a web designer and programmer. Hoping I'll get my skills good enough by the end of my secondment to be able to stay doing this.

Other than that I've got two babies in my life now, My niece had a little boy in September and then last month my Best friend had his first little boy too, born just minutes after his birthday ended :)
I think (other than being single again) that this year is going to be a good one for me. I might even meet another young lady to spend some time with, if I actually put some effort in to it now that I know what it is like having somebody :)

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Re: Changes - in life

Postby Sam » Wed Jul 05, 2017 6:26 pm

Changing jobs is hard.

I have worked for the local health trust for the past near 4 years and I have had over 12 jobs in it, even though I am permanent. First couple were temporary but this one they sold me it as being a guy who covers like 2 places and now it's like 8 places.

Place is a fucking shambles that I'm in now with 3 years for a routine appointment, but I got to the point there this week where they offered me a job of a PA just to keep me, since I got something else lined up shortly that they must have heard about through the grapevine. I fucking hate secretarial work and I didn't even bat an eyelid and took it.

Not for the need/want of the job, but because it pays £2000 more a year and I won't get pulled left right and centre.

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