The Royal Family, state owned property

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Re: The Royal Family, state owned property

Postby Joe » Tue Dec 13, 2016 5:57 pm

I don't think fictional island RB can be called a racist if he doesn't even know that people of colour exist.

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Re: The Royal Family, state owned property

Postby kingweed » Wed Dec 14, 2016 10:36 pm

Ekona wrote:Being an Irish pikey traveller is a race, and you're born into it. Plenty of them in the south east/east and they all march into town, break into someone's land, spend a week on the rob in town, then leave the place a literal shit tip. There's probably some decent ones in actual Ireland, but not round here. They're scum, pure and simple.

Could you correct them? Sure, I guess, but it simply won't happen. Ever. To believe it will is just pie in the sky thinking mate, it's searching for the utopia that doesn't exist.

Don't mistake my words: Racial violence is a terrible thing, and I'd never ever do or say anything to them (I quite like my house not burnt to the ground). You'll be hard pressed to ever correct my thinking on them though. In terms of your definition of racial hatred by colour of skin then I'm with you, I could never judge someone by that and I think it's deplorable. Hypocritical? Yeah, I guess.

Forcing peoples together would only ever cause more problems than it would solve. The only winners would be the bullies, regardless of colour or creed. RB is right, if we all left people alone and kept our negative thoughts and actions to ourself then we might have a more peaceful world.

Just catching up and this is completely spot on.

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