Wireless printing from an iPad

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Wireless printing from an iPad

Postby soopytwist » Sat Dec 22, 2012 3:03 pm

I'm trying to set up printing to my HP Deskjet 6980 from my iPad. I bought PrintCentral from the App store and have had managed to print documents to my printer when it is wired to the router. However, despite setting a static IP address on the 6980 the iPad won't find it when I unplug the ethernet.

I got into the printers network settings through my web browser and gave it a manual IP address, the subnet, default gateway and DNS server I took from ipconfig.
In the printers properties I added a Standard TCP/IP Port, which is the currently selected port and is configured to port Raw 9100, SNMP is on and public and Index 1.
The port name however is set to the manual IP address (which changes each time the printer is turned on from off - hence the reason for setting a static one). If I enter the static IP address as the port name Windows 7 can't find the printer. I also can't delete the TCP/IP port once I've created one because it's in use despite stopping the print spooler service.

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Re: Wireless printing from an iPad

Postby RB » Sat Dec 22, 2012 3:33 pm

Have you assigned a static IP in your router or just on the printer. My Wi-Fi printers are set to DHCP but my router gives them a static IP based on their MAC address.

I used to print from my iPad before I replaced it with something nicer.
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