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Re: Drupal

Postby Blak » Fri Apr 19, 2013 11:07 am

Polito45 wrote:I could change format/layout on a page easily with an editor or even fucking notepad,
but I'm afraid Drupal would get snotty, give me a sexually transmitted disease and take the site off-line,
which would be an unmitigated disaster.

You should have a local dev environment where you can cock about to your hearts content rather than trying to make changes directly on the live site. Then once you're happy with your changes push them up the live site without issues.

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Re: Drupal

Postby Polito45 » Fri Apr 19, 2013 6:10 pm

Ah yes, I know this but I have no intention of learning Drupal myself. One of the Directors (half jokingly :roll: )
asked me would I not learn it but I gave him a cold - no. :D

Basically, I built their original site in the early 00's, putting them on-line for the first time. It ran for over 10 years.
I did all the SEO for the site, enough to make them #1 for their search term for all that time.
They got to a point where they were getting 80%+ of their business from the web.
They never looked back. I built and managed it as you say - with a local dev environment before uploading anything.
You only have to fuck up editing on the fly once to never - ever do that again. :mrgreen:

I built it using pure HTML and later added a small amount of CSS when that started to become popular.
2-3 years ago they decided to re-vamp/re-design the site. (it needed it :) )
I wasn't interested in doing it, and frankly don't have the skillz to create a cutting edge site so
I advised getting a 3rd party professional web designer in.

Anyway, it took me over half an hour to explain exactly the position they were in to them last week.
I now think I've found a small company who I will recommend to them who will manage the site for them using Drupal.
So, all's well that never seems to fucking end... well. :mrgreen:
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