I finally succumbed!

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I finally succumbed!

Postby doogle » Thu Oct 20, 2022 2:29 pm

After more than two years of managing to avoid it, I finally fell prey to the dreaded Covid!

My dad does an open mic night, the first Tuesday of every month, in a local pub. This month (October 2022 for future people) as I was in there, watching the performers, I noticed the bar manager who was serving drinks, looked a little peaky.

The following Friday (7th), I got a call from my dad. Both he and his lead guitarist had tested positive for Covid! I was feeling fine at the time. Did a test and it was negative.

The next day I started getting a tickly cough, but still felt fine.

Sunday came around, and I felt so bad, I could barely get out of bed! I pretty much slept for 24 hours! Did a covid test on Monday morning, and I was positive!

Thankfully I'm still working from home, but I couldn't face working on my computer still, so I called in sick.

Tuesday, I felt fine again other than sore throat and a terrible ear ache, that left my ear feeling blocked and made chewing anything sound super loud.

I slowly felt better as the month progressed, until Tuesday 18th I tested negative again! Two weeks from the date of exposure until I didn't test positive any more!

My mum and step-dad, who I live with, are still testing positive though, and my step-dad hasn't had any of the vaccines against Covid! He was bed-ridden for almost a full week with it!

I now know nobody, personally, who has not had Covid. We were the last few people I know who had not yet had it.

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